Friday, January 16, 2009

Tarapchak Family Blog Auctions

I going to participate in the Tarapchak Family Blog Auction next month and wanted to let you know all about it now....

My friend, Jen, is organizing the auction as a way to raise money for a family in need. Jen and Dave met the Tarapchak family at their church a few years ago. Recently, the father died after a long battle with cancer. Jen asked me to help her with this project and I need your help to make it a success. Check out this link to read about what is going on.

I will be auctioning off a group of Pampered Chef bamboo products that are some of my best sellers and my favorites now. The items together have a retail value of $22.75. Please come back to my blog and put in a bid during Feb 14th or 15th to win them and help a family at the same time.

bamboo salad tongs
small bamboo spoon set

bamboo spatula set

Thanks for helping the Tarapchak family!

1 comment:

jen said...

thank YOU Ali, for hosting an auction and spreading the word!! i am really praying that this event is a BIG success!! (((HUGS)))